Half Lotus Yoga was created out of a desire to offer the local community access to yoga that is genuine, authentic and strives for a higher purpose. We have all questioned ourselves at one point in our lives, often pondering the idea of our own existence. Perhaps we have wondered why we have lost our curiosity, desire or ability to challenge our state of existence.

Yoga is not simply a fitness class, where the ultimate goal is touching your toes, nor is it a short cut to enlightenment. Though a dedicated yoga practice, we begin to discover so much more. What it is we discover, can vary from individual to individual, from time to place in our lives.

Half Lotus Yoga classes offer Hatha (physical) yoga practices that are challenging, thought provoking, and yep, fun! By strengthening our physical bodies, we are able to draw our focus inwards and learn to listen. Through practice we allowing ourselves to begin to release built up tensions, anxieties and distractions which not only benefits our physical bodies, but our subtle existence as well.

Half Lotus Yoga offers a variety of hatha class styles including Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga vinyasa. Beginners, intermediate and advanced practices.

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About Erin

Founder of Half Lotus Yoga, yoga teacher, seamstress and busy mom of three.

Erin Behl is a yoga practitioner and teacher living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Focused and determined, with a sense of purpose and intention is a mantra Erin abides by in her practice. Erin is passionate about constantly learning as much as possible about the yoga practice in all its various forms and strives to keep an open mind. Erin has cultivated her practice around Patanjali’s 8 Fold Path and believes incorporating all limbs of the practice without dogma will allow for a greater understanding and appreciation for this ancient practice. Erin loves the challenge of a physically demanding posture, and equally loves the restorative benefits pranayama and seated meditation brings.

From the age of three up until her late teens, Erin was trained in classical Ballet which subsequently trained discipline, and a strong supple body. After having two children and rejoining a gym a few years later, Erin took her first yoga class with a local instructor after recommendation from her sister who had been practicing for many years. It came with some hesitation but, she was immediately drawn to the practice. She quickly sought out reputable teachers and practiced daily, absorbing as much as possible for the next few years.

Erin was fortunate to have meet her mentor and Teacher Mr. Yoga Daniel Lacerda where she studied extensively for over two years analyzing and learning over 1000 unique asanas and their variations and writing ‘how-to’ instructions for each asana including their benefits and cautions. Erin also has had the opportunity to study from some of the most influential teachers of our time including Natasha Rizopoulos. Some of her favourite Yogis who continue to inspire her include Daniel Lacerda, Yogananth Andiappan, Iyengar, David Swenson and Dharma Mittra.

Currently, Erin is a daily practitioner and student training in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Aside from yoga, she is a mom of three young kiddos and an avid seller on Etsy. Able to teach a variety of styles from a gentle restorative, beginner Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow, to a quicker more intense Power Yoga Class. Erin promotes proper technique and alignment cues in all asanas performed from the most elementary to the most advanced. Expect to sweat (a lot!) in Erin’s classes but more importantly, come prepared open mind and a positive attitude! Erin is eager to share her knowledge on the yoga practice to all its keen participants!