8 Limbs of Yoga: S A U C H A

Furthering our discussion on the #8limbsofyoga, the first of the niyamas as described by Pantanjali is saucha meaning cleanliness or purity in not only in hygiene or the state of our environment, but also refers to clarity of the mind. There are a multitude of directions we can spin this niyamas from the food we eat, to the thoughts and intentions running through our minds, to condition of our back seat of our vehicles. Saucha should not however be turned into the obsessive, endless persuit of attaining purity (as it will never happen) nor does it mean to deprive the body of sustenance (as no food can ultimately be ‘clean’- we just choose the best option available) instead just that- living with best intention to free the body and mind and our environment from excess clutter (chatter or fluctuations of the mind- chitta vritti nirodha) disease and toxins. Taking care of and appreciating what we have now for longevity in self as well as future generations to come.

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